Product Name : SEMS screws
Product Description


All type & material of washers are available, such as      

 spring lock washers, flat (plain) washers, ext-tooth / int-tooth lock washers, square washers, conical washers, wave washers

* Various washer material:                                                              

   1) Metal: steel, stainless steel, brass ….                                         

   2) Non-metal: plastic, rubber, fiber ….   

* Thread size: from 1.4mm ~12mm

* In accordance with all international standard: JIS B1188. B1187, DIN6900, 6901(washer DIN6902, DIN6904, DIN6905, DIN6907, DIN6908…..), ASME B18.13, ASME B18.13.1M, ISO ….     

* Per customers's design

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